Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

Whiter, cleaner and brighter.


Isn’t that what we are all trying the achieve lately, when it comes to our teeth? Technology has improved so much, when it comes to having whiter teeth! The dentistry industry must be having a field day with our latest beauty obsession.

Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

Although, having better, healthier looking teeth is nothing new. For decades now, people have been trying all sorts of ways to achieve dental perfection. The only difference is with it happening now is we don’t have to go to the dentist to achieve this, which can cost between $800 – $1800! Now I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I’d be willing to fork out. It does last for around 1 – 3 years, and works out cheaper than the cost of toothpaste and whitening products.

It’s something I’ve mentioned before, but I think it’s something quite a lot of people can relate too; I’m an ex-smoker. Once you finally quit smoking, that’s when you begin to realise that you’ve done some serious damage to the colour of your teeth. I also drank coffee like it was going out of fashion, that part still hasn’t changed! Although I’ve reduced my coffee intake dramatically in favour of herbal tea ((So glad I’ve been making the trade! I also used it to quit smoking!))

One of the commonly known cosmetic consequences of smoking, is of course yellowing of the teeth and gingivitis. Naturally getting my teeth back into a healthy state was incredibly high on my priority list. So I began my mission by trying most of the commonly store-bought toothpaste and mouthwashes, as one does! Interested in knowing the results? Would it surprise you to know that I honestly felt like my gums got worse no matter what popular brand I used.

Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

Needless to say it didn’t take long for me to feel like pulling my hair out and consider those expensive options I spoke to you about earlier. Oddly enough the chips fell perfectly and just as I was researching alternative means, a little jar of organic and natural toothpaste landed on my lap. Some of you may already know that I have a mild obsession with a little organic, natural and handmade gem from America! I’ve repurchased this magical miracle paste, by Essential Apothecary, several times now.

Understandably when some products by White Glo arrived at my desk, naturally there was a healthy level of doubtfulness. Not because I had heard anything bad about the brand, but because I hadn’t tried anything other than my trusted organic brand in months.  However, I was curious to see how introducing a new brand would work for me after all this time.

White Glo was the first brand on the Australian market that started doing teeth whitening products. It has since become one of Australia’s leaders of teeth whitening products and whitening toothpaste. There was a number of different products for me to try out, some more intensive that others and all offering different outcomes.


White Glo Bright Nights

Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

I was a mixture of nerves and excitement when it came to trying this product! The nerves came from having really thin enamel, and after a previous bad experience with a bleaching pen I was a bit put off. The Bright Nights are whitening films designed to instantly whiten up your teeth. For ease of convenience they come in individual little packages, so you can slip them into your handbag or purse. This part I really did love because if something came up last-minute, I could just put one on my teeth and freshen up.

Unfortunately, for me I didn’t quite enjoy them. The strip didn’t seem to dissolve properly so I was left with a gel substance stuck to my teeth. All I wanted to do was brush my teeth afterwards to get the feeling off. I also gave a few to my mum to try, who also said she experienced the same thing. As much as that aspect of the product left me feeling disappointed, I was impressed that it leave my teeth feeling stripped. In the ingredients it’s listed as 5.5% peroxide and was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t feel bleaching at all.


White Glo Diamond Series Whitening System

Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

This was something I found really interesting, once I started reading about it. The concept involved a gum tray which you would line with the product, then place in your mouth, leave for 5-15 minutes and take it off. I would normally follow with the Professional Choice Whitening toothpaste that came with it. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t like this product so I only used it a handful of times. It’s not that there was anything particularly wrong with it, but I’ve got a funny shaped palette so the tray was incredibly uncomfortable.

As a result I really struggled to keep the tray in my mouth for very long. However, I can say that even that even though it has a 9% peroxide level that my teeth didn’t feel a thing! Out of all the products, in terms of strength, this was the one I was definitely expecting to have some of tingle too.

However! I am completely smitten by the Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste. This one and another from the range are a very close first for my favourite! After using this I could see an obvious difference in the colour of my teeth, they looked whiter and shinier. The best bit, was that the clean feeling lasted for around 16 hours! There is an incredibly high chance that you will see many repurchases of this toothpaste!


White Glo Coffee and Tea Drinker’s Formula

Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

When I first got these products, some of you may remember that it was this toothpaste in particular that I was the most excited for! I’m a coffee and tea drinker, so sometimes a little kick is needed to beat the stains. Out of the 3 toothpaste products I used, this one was the least impressive. I didn’t feel as though this toothpaste gave my teeth that white glow that the others did, it also didn’t leave me teeth feeling clean for as long.

Although, I believe that this is a toothpaste that is designed to slowly work over time and eventually safe guard your teeth from becoming stained ((after it has removed them)). Which means it’s probably because it’s a slow, gentle working toothpaste it won’t display the instant results I got from the others. One cool feature of this pack was that came with its own tooth-brush and dental flosser tooth pick!


White Glo Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

Last, but certainly not least. We have the one and only Charcoal toothpaste. I don’t think there are words to describe how excited I was for this! Okay, on the flip side I was very nervous because of all the stories I had heard about charcoal and the mess. I was surprised and delighted when the product came out exactly like normal toothpaste. So it didn’t make any mess! Yes, it already has some serious brownie points in my eyes.

This was the other toothpaste that was high in rankings as my favourite, alongside the Professional Choice Whitening one. It definitely left my teeth feeling very clean and whiter, and without the black charcoal mess. I really enjoy using this one! It didn’t feel like I was using Charcoal at all. This is one that I think can happily satisfy those who want to try to use charcoal because of the hype and benefits. Without suffering the ever anticipated messy aftermath. Did I mention that this one also came with a tooth-brush and a dental flosser tooth pick?

The only negative which I’m not sure is connected to the product or not. Is the tip of my tongue got very raw (like I drank a hot drink) a few days into use.

The Big Question..

Toothpaste with a shine. But is it worth your dime?

Will I repurchase? Some of the products, most definitely! Given I’ve spent so long on a trusted organic toothpaste, after normal toothpaste failed me White Glo has impressed me. Substantially impressed me actually. Enough that I’m planning on removing the current Colgate toothpaste from the house and replacing it with a number of these products! (Everyone else in the house still uses normal toothpaste) The quality of the product and the overall results are much better than your standard off the shelf brand!

Have you used White Glo before? What are your thoughts?

Until next time!

((Disclaimer: Although I was provided these products for review and testing purposes, all the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. The brand has not swayed or influenced my experiences. Nor did I profit or benefit in any way from having shared my thoughts on the products.))

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