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Think about the word ‘soap,’ and the first thought or memory that comes to mind as a result. Mine brings me back to Ireland as a young girl and straight to my Grandma’s house. In her main bathroom, the kitchen sink, the outdoor sinks, there was always a bar of soap. As hard as I would try, I can never describe the smell of those soaps but in my mind I can remember them perfectly!

Until recently, I hadn’t used a bar of soap since then and I didn’t realise how emotionally charged a soap bar could be! It brought back a flood of memories from back home! Okay. That’s enough about me and my heartfelt feelings towards bars of soap!

Soap, Tea Tree and French Clay

A while ago I discovered a new brand, called Lili + J, through a scrub subscription box I’m currently receiving (I won their brand launch competition which was a 3 month free subscription), which unfortunately didn’t work to well for me. I don’t have sensitive skin whatsoever! From those who have followed me in Instagram for a while, you’ll know what I generally can and do put everything on my skin. The product was a Dead Sea coffee scrub. Another thing that I’m constantly trying and testing! I was really baffled when I had a burning sensation in the inside of my arms. It may have been my body was going on strike and had enough of being tested on, who knows! The brand owner reached out and offered for me to try some of their soap products instead, which was a very generous offer.

Lili + J are an Australian brand, based in Melbourne. Their products are completely natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly and chemical free. Their soaps are also high in olive oil, palm oil free and completely handmade. The soaps are hand-cut and handmade and created using the traditional cold press method, which is something I really love.

Soap, Tea Tree and French Clay

The two soaps that I’ve been testing out are the Charcoal Tea Tree soap (mainly because I have never used a charcoal soap before and I’ve wanted too for such a long time!) and French pink clay. The French Pink Clay soap was a little surprise they included in the package which I had been eyeing off on the site!

When I got the soaps, I was really impressed with how they were packaged. Each individual bar can tightly wrapped in bubble wrap, and I mean super tight! Which was great because I really felt like thought had been put in to ensuring the bars didn’t get damaged during delivery. Believe it or not, the best was yet to come! The actual packaging of the soap bars was absolutely adorable! Both soaps came wrapped in unique printed paper, which I did not want to rip. I’m not joking when I say that the struggle was very real.

Soap, Tea Tree and French Clay

Let’s just take a small moment here to appreciate the struggle I had! Packaging that looks that cute made it very hard for me to open! Okay, now that we’ve all admired the cutest packaging ever, let’s get onto the soap reviews.

First of all, for those who don’t know, I’m terrible at keeping both a morning and evening skincare routine. No matter how hard I try, it just never happens. Eventually I started reading that morning routines are redundant anyway because your skin doesn’t get overly dirty at night. Plus over cleaning your face is similar to over washing your hair, it strips your skin of the natural oils it needs. With that in mind I decided to use the soaps as a morning cleanse and would apply any serum or moisturiser afterwards.

Charcoal Tea Tree Soap


Soap, Tea Tree and French Clay

Charcoal has become such a popular ingredient lately, in so many different products. A charcoal soap is a product that I had been dying to try for ages now! Now what I love about this particular charcoal soap is the tea tree elements, which is amazing for acne sufferers. Because of tea tree the soap smelt amazing, but not over powering, even when wet.

This ingredient is amazing for clearing out any impurities on your skin, particularly pores. The soap was amazing soft and gentle on my skin! I would lather the bar up and rub it directly onto my face and then lather my hands up and massage the soap into my skin. After washing the soap off my skin, I could instantly feel the difference! In the morning my skin would normally have some residue from the previous night’s routine. The soap cleaned it all away and left my skin feeling clean and my pores less visible.

After 2 days I began to notice the difference, parts of my skin that have terrible pore issues came out in white heads. Oddly enough I had only read an article a day or two prior to this about knowing when products are working on your skin or when they are causing a breakout. It’s something I’ll have to track down and look into some more, it made a lot of sense! So I knew that the product was working and not causing a breakout, it was taking all the impurities out of the pores. This is definitely a new favourite soap of mine, I love everything from the size to how it leaves my skin feeling.

French Pink Clay Soap


Soap, Tea Tree and French Clay

This was actually my second choice of soap, next to the Charcoal Tea Tree Soap that I had really wanted to try from this brand! I have an obsession with all things clay! This soap aims to detox the skin and gently cleanse while also improving elasticity and refreshing the skin’s appearance. Unlike the previous Charcoal soap this one is part of Lili + J’s unscented collection, so there is essentially no scent from this one at all.

Having used this soap for a number of days, I found that it was amazing on my skin! It cleansed and detoxed but in a different way to the Charcoal, it felt a lot softer. Not that the Charcoal soap felt harsh, the French Clay just left my skin noticeable softer. After a couple of uses I did also notice that my pores looked a lot smaller and less noticeable! One thing that it did do to my skin, that I wasn’t expecting, was an amazing brightening effect! It could have just been my skin, so I can’t say that it will be the same for everyone but my complexion was definitely a lot whiter after every use.

Soap, Tea Tree and French Clay

Overall I loved both of these soaps for completely different reasons! The Charcoal Tea Tree soap is absolutely amazing! It feels like it clears out my pores from the very root and within a few days there was a lot of change. When it came to the French Pink Clay soap, I loved it for a completely different reasons. It left my skin feeling softer, cleaner, smaller pores and surprisingly brighter!

The one problem I have with this brand….is the several other soaps they have for offer on their site! I can’t even choose a favourite between two! Let alone between the rest of the soaps on the site! The rest of the range looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try more!

Have you tried any handmade soaps that you absolutely love? What’s your favourite type? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


((Disclaimer: Although I was provided these products for review and testing purposes, all the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. The brand did not influence or sway my experience of the product. Nor did I profit or benefit in anyway from having shared my thoughts on the products.))
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