Soap cubes | The Miracle Solution?

Soap cubes anyone?


Lately I’ve become completely obsessed with soaps! You those handmade, cute looking bars that actually look more like an artwork? Yes, they are the kinds of soap bars I’m talking about. 

Soap Cubes | The Miracle Solution?
Admittedly I’ve only been using them a few months. Soaps to me were always these things that you used to wash your hands with. Once I got involved with Instagram and the beauty community, I’ll admit that I became really interested! People started posting about how soap made their face feel and subscription boxes started including them.

Soap Cubes | The Miracle Solution?
I remember the first bar I got when I became interested in skincare, it was this coffee exfoliating soap that I used solely on my hands for a full 2 weeks. After those 2 weeks I saw a post about the exact product and how good it is on the face, let’s just say that was my mind blown! Who knew that soaps could also be designed to do things for your face as well! It didn’t take long before I realised that I would be keeping a soap element as a permanent part of my routine, as a cleanser in the morning.
Unfortunately as my collection grew and my need to use different ones for different things, I encountered a problem. Apparently even with a soap dish tray, it still wasn’t enough to keep them dry so they didn’t go all gooey at the bottom. 

Soap Cubes | The Miracle Solution?
I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen handmade natural soap that hasn’t dried right, let’s just say that it is not in any way pretty. It’s actually quite the opposite, it turns the soap into this gooey gel like paste. Either way, I realised I had a problem that was going to quickly ruin my new loves. Hopefully by this stage I’ve got a few of you who are nodding your heads or laughing in agreement, because you’ve all been there! If not then maybe you can just laugh at my ongoing battle with the waters impact on my soaps.

Soap Cubes | The Miracle Solution?
Now. How to solve my problem? Could I even solve my problem? What really is the problem?!?! My problem is I like to use all the nice things all at the same time or at least have them all on the go at the same time. Don’t judge me! By looking at the picture’s I’m sure you are able to tell exactly how I went about solving my soap predicament. Admittedly I was scrolling through Pininterest, like I do more often than I would care to admit and saw this picture of soap in a jar. From there my idea was born! Unfortunately there was no forwarding link or writing attached, but I was able to get the gist. Cutting the soap up allowed you to decide on the size of the soap piece, mix and match and extend its shelf life!

Soap Cubes | The Miracle Solution?

I’m sure I’ve got many soap makers out there cringing at the sight before them! But honestly since I’ve done this I’ve noticed such an insane difference! I cut my soap up into little cubes or no particular size. I kept 4 cubes out and put the rest inside a 1kg coffee jar. Because it has an awesome air-tight lid! With the bars in this size it actually made it so much easier to use on my face. The cubes got in the little nooks and cranny’s on my chin and nose without difficulty now. It wasn’t until I stopped using the larger sized bars that I realised the convenience of the small sized cubes. The rate at which they dried was massively improved as well! Which was brilliant. The soap didn’t slowly drip dry and become all gooey at the bottom.

Soap Cubes | The Miracle Solution?

If you are wondering what types I used, you can find my review of the pink and black ones, here. The brown coffee scrub is by Thou Art Lovely and the pale one is from The Australian Natural Soap Company. If you happen to have the same problem that I did! I hope that this simple yet effective tip may help manage it! Let me know if you try it out, or if you use another way to prolong your soap life!


Until next time!

  1. The Life of Laura (@thelifeof_laura)

    July 19, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    This is honestly such a clever idea! I have never even thought about doing something like that, but it makes so much sense! I need to do this with some of my soaps now xx

    Laura ||

    1. Michelle

      July 23, 2017 at 8:44 pm

      I can only imagine how many jars you would fill! I remember when you did a live story of your products, you had such a large pile of bath type products! It has definitely made it easier to keep my soaps from going gooey! xx

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