Snowfox Skincare Products – Are they just a pretty face?


One of the main things that get me every time with products is packaging. After all we eat with our eyes, right? Yes I know it’s terrible to want to purchase something based on looks, but can you blame me?!


Snowfox skincare products are they just a pretty face?


Snowfox Skincare is a brand discovered through my endless scrolling on Instagram. It has actually become my favourite way to discover new products and brands! They originally designed their products with delicate, hyper-sensitive skin types in mind. However their products are usable on all skin types. When it comes to what goes into their products they are 100% organic and natural, without any harsh synthetics or chemicals.

Yes, this means no petrochemicals, SLS, parabens or phthalates! They are also incredibly vegan friendly and cruelty free, despite their name and company icon! The site also advertises that the brand doesn’t use any animal-origin suppliers, ingredients or resources.

One of my favourite facts about the company is that they advertise their recycling rates!

In 2015 their facilities boasted a 68% Waste Recycling Rate and used 55% renewable Energy sources.


It’s facts like these, that actually make me love this company even more! Aside from them being natural, organic and vegan friendly.


Snowfox Skincare kindly reached out and offered to send some samples to review, after witnessing my intense awe and admiration for the brand. Which is code for, they saw me shameless gushing about them all over Instagram!

The package included a container of their Facial Cleansing Mousse, an Arctic Breeze Detox Mask and a sample sachet of the All Day Defense Cream. It was the Detox Mask that first caught my eye, the packaging on the product is just stunning! It’s sleek, elegant and the geometric pattern gets me every time.

Along with the products, there was a detailed card explaining all the products and how to use them. Which for me, I thought was really lovely! 


Facial Cleansing Mousse

Snowfox skincare products are they just a pretty face?

The first product I tried was the Facial Cleansing Mousse. Firstly, I was a huge fan of the little bottle it came in and an even bigger fan of the pump action. Secondly, the product came out of the bottle as foam. Maybe I was just impressed by this because other products required water to foam, either way I really liked it.

If you’re not a big mint fan, a little warning; it smells strongly of peppermint. Which is very refreshing! I am one of those people who, surprisingly, doesn’t mind when products have a smell. Given that it was nothing but foam in my hand, I was impressed with how little of the product was required for me to cover my face and neck. Although, after some testing I did note that it went a lot further when the skin was damp and it was my preferred way to use the product. That’s just a personal preference though.

My skin felt refreshed almost as soon as the mousse was applied. You know that feeling you have when you chew on mint gum? Well that’s how this product felt, only on my face. It was very cooling, light and definitely refreshing.

My favourite part of using this product was the after feeling. I removed the mousse with some warm water and my skin was super clean and weightless. When I say weightless, I mean that there was no evidence of having ever had anything on my skin. I can certainly see why this product would do well with sensitive skin, you don’t feel like you’ve put anything onto your skin at all.


Arctic Breeze Detox Mask

Snowfox skincare products are they just a pretty face?

The next product I used was the Arctic Breeze Detox Mask. When I opened the package there was an instant smell of peppermint with a hint of more herbal scents. There was a lot of fluid in the mask, not so much that it was dripping off my face. It was just enough that after 20 minutes the mask was still damp. 


However the mask was huge! Either that or I just have a very small face. Which is also very likely. The mask definitely stuck to my face, in a comfortable way, once it was on. Compared to other sheet masks I’ve used, which would slip and slide a bit even if they did fit.


After a few moments the mask started to tingle, I’m guessing from the peppermint. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, but it was that cool tingling sensation you get from carmex. After the mask came off, my face immediately felt refreshed! I hadn’t experienced a peppermint mask before but I loved the cooling and refreshing effect it had with this mask. My skin was also a light brighter and less red afterwards.

The essence did feel a bit sticky once the mask has been taken off. However with this mask you have to wash off the essence afterwards. It dries in really quickly and once it’s dried it feels more like a peel then essence, but washes off very well. This mask is recommended for perfect use after a day out in the sun or at the beach and I can completely see why! It’s definitely something I would keep in my fridge throughout the entire summer.


All Day Defense Cream

Snowfox skincare products are they just a pretty face?

Unlike the previous two products, the scent of this was significantly less obvious. There was still a scent, it was more herbal than mint and less strong. Not that I minded, I’m rather easy going when it comes to products having a scent.

This product I used as a final step, which I’ve found seems to work better. I also prefer to use it as a day cream rather than a night cream, which is just a personal preference. The cream goes on really smoothly and light the rest of the products has a very light and weightless feeling about it! It’s actually one of the many things I love about this brand! My skin never feels like I’ve used anything on it after using these products. 

Anyway the cream, once applied, dries super quickly! So if you put loads on in one go, spread it out straight away otherwise it will dry before you come back to it. I really like that the cream dries quickly, especially if I was to use it as a night cream. The one thing I find with other creams is they tend to take a few minutes to absorb into the skin and you either have to wait for it to dry, or concede that it’s going on the pillow.

My absolute favourite thing about this cream, is it’s oil control, which isn’t an advertised feature of the cream. So it could be just me. Once the cream has dried and settled onto my skin, that’s essentially my skin locked in. By the time I’m ready to go to bed and do a nightly routine, my nose (which is a huge oily area for me!) is only just starting to feel silky. My nose’s normal oil issue, is perfectly contained and under control 12 hours later!. My skin also appears brighter and fresher, which is great!


Would I purchase Snowfox products?

Snowfox skincare products are they just a pretty face?
Hell yes! After reading this review, there was probably little to no doubt on my love for this product. For the best results, my view would be to use all 3 products in your routine. However I’ve been using the cleanser and cream, together and separately and they still give the results described.

Let me know if you’ve tried these products before! I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Or if you have any questions about my thoughts on the products.

  1. space of beauty

    May 7, 2017 at 3:11 am

    Wow! I totally love the sound of this brand, I’m really trying to make more conscious purchases moving forward.

    1. Michelle

      May 7, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      Honestly they are amazing! I’ve only started getting into my organic/green/vegan skincare. But this brand is the first I’ve found to be actively helping climate change and using renewable energy. Plus I love their products! 😍

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