For Skin That Looks Younger, Try Elucent Skincare

Skin accounts for 15% of your body weight.


One of the main reasons I love having an interest in skincare is that it’s an ever changing and evolving world. Which means that there are always new brands to explore and discover, do you know how exciting that is?

For Skin That Looks Younger, Try Elucent Skincare

Elucent skincare has become the latest brand to cross my radar. If you are currently pulling a face at that name and wondering who on earth is this brand. I can assure you that you are not the only one. I did the very same thing when I first saw the products. Until I did a bit of research and realised I incredibly familiar with the brand!


This line of skincare is actually a subsidiary company of  the company Ego Pharmaceuticals! Otherwise known as the brand to bring us Aqium hand sanitiser, DermAid, QV Skincare and many others. Now I can only speak for myself, but I literally had an “ah ha” moment after discovering this and felt slightly less dubious about the products.


My child converted to QV last year and has had massive improvements with her skin and I’ve used some of their other products before. It’s amazing what a base level of trust can do to your view of something new! I went from having no expectations to suddenly having a lot purely because I’ve always had great results with this brand.

For Skin That Looks Younger, Try Elucent Skincare

The products that I’ve been using lately are from Elucent’s anti-aging skincare range which uses different levels of AHAs to improve the appearance of skin. Two types of AHAs are used, lactic acid and glycolic acid which work to reduce wrinkles, exfoliate and moisturise. Elucent also makes mention to some research that was done using their products, to substantiate the statistics that are used on their website.

I always like to see that a company has done this when it tries to make a claim about their product! I’m a numbers person whose studied research articles and looking at doing a Masters by research. So these sorts of statistics really interest me! On the website, they acknowledge that the research was sponsored by Ego Pharmaceuticals but was carried out by independent research. Although I didn’t see the results or ask the company for their data, they do mention that it is kept on file so I can assume they would grant access if requested.


On top of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids used in this particular range of Elucent skincare, it also includes Vitamins E, C and B3. The Vitamin C ingredient is one that I always get excited about! I’ve got Irish skin and with that comes increased pigmentation, and vitamin C is known to brighten skin and reduce pigmentation. Before I get into discussing the products, I should mention that these are actually available from Chemist Warehouse and My Chemist, which is incredible convenient!


The Products


Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser With 2% AHAS

For Skin That Looks Younger, Try Elucent Skincare

When I first started using this product I was expecting it to go one of two ways. I would either burst into a ball of flames, or my skin would be darn well amazing. Luckily for me it was the latter that happened! I don’t have sensitive skin and have used acids on my skin before, so I had my fingers crossed that it would take to this product as well. You can never be too careful though!


There was a very faint floral scent from the cream, it wasn’t over powering it was actually very subtle. I should also mention that calling it a “cream” probably isn’t doing it justice. It is actually more of an iridescent liquid, that’s really light and sparkly. Yes. It’s like liquid glitter and it’s amazing! The main thing, is it was incredibly gentle! The directions recommended applying the product on to damp skin and massage into the skin until a light lather forms, before washing off.

I didn’t experience any form of tingling what so ever, nor did it dry my skin out when I washed it off. This was a major selling point for me! A lot of cleanser’s end up leaving my nose area feeling very dry, which is saying something given my nose has a serious oil issue. Almost immediately after I dried my face my skin felt so smooth, refreshed and tighter skin.


Elucent Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF 50+ (4% AHAS)

For Skin That Looks Younger, Try Elucent Skincare

This product I was easily able to slip into my routine. If you follow along on my Instagram you’d know that I’ve since given up on trying to do a morning routine. I’ve done some reading that mentions doing a cleanse in the morning is overkill, as you’ll end up stripping your skin of its natural oils. That and I just don’t have the time. So my solution is to use a soap in the morning to gently wash my face and then apply a moisturiser.


One of the huge selling points on this is the SPF factor! I’m an Irish woman in Australia, I’m sure you can already see the problems. The moisturiser is a really light and airy cream, that spreads amazingly well! I would only have to use the smallest amount to completely cover my face. Within moments of applying the cream, it had completely absorbed into my skin! It didn’t feel like I had put anything on my face and it mattified as well which was nice. I was concerned about how well it would hold given I’ve got an oily t-zone; it does really well.


My skin felt incredibly smooth and refreshed, it was a very similar results as the cleanser. I definitely felt like my skin maintained a fresh and taut look throughout the day.



Elucent Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser With 8% AHAS

For Skin That Looks Younger, Try Elucent Skincare

By now my review of these products are probably going to sound a little bit repetitive. Because the one thing this range has in common is consistency. Which I love! Some people may not be so fond of it, but I love when a range is consistent. I didn’t get any stinging sensation after using it and it soaked into my skin within seconds. It had a little bit more of a thicker consistency than the day moisturiser. It goes on really smoothly and it leaves my skin almost feeling instantly rejuvenated and tighter.



For Skin That Looks Younger, Try Elucent Skincare

Overall I was very surprised by this range! When it comes to anti-aging products they are not normally something I expect to see results with. Mainly because I still have quite young skin, at 25 and don’t have many wrinkles or signs of aging. It was really great to find an entire range that I’ve felt actually made a difference to my skin! Given the wonderful results and experiences I’ve had with the Elucent Anti Ageing range; I’m planning on trying out their whitening range.


Have you tried Elucent before? What did you think of them?


Until next time!

((Disclaimer: Although I was provided these products for review and testing purposes, all the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. My experiences were not influenced or swayed by the brand. Nor did I profit or benefit in any way from having shared my thoughts on the products. The links have been provided to these products for your convenience. I do not profit in any way from having them there.))

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