Product Empties | May Edition

Woohoo! It’s product empties time again! Welcome back for my May edition of what’s in my trash! I still can’t believe that I’m finally able to do my own blog post on this! Although I know I’m a little late, I promise I will try to get it out earlier for next month.

Product Empties | May Edition

You know, I was honestly surprised with the amount of products I managed to make it through this month! It really didn’t feel like that many at all. If you remember from my last post, I was determined to get through a pile of samples I had and half finished products. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to achieve my goal, I did manage to get through a good couple though.

Prepare for next month! I’ll be on a mission to finish the rest of those products! Mainly because I need to make space in my shelves for all the new products I’ve acquired. That and my organisation skills of my skincare and makeup is literally non-existent, it’s kept in boxes and baskets all over the place! Now, onto the goodies!


Hair products

Product Empties | May Edition

  1. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Oddly enough I didn’t buy into the whole “hair growth” concept that this brand was selling. Who would? So many products nowadays claim to offer magical treatments for hair growth and everything in-between! For someone

who has a hair disorder that doesn’t allow my hair to grow, I buy into these gimmicks a lot more than most. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that I’m in love with this range and it is so much more than a gimmick! My hair has been on a massive growth spurt for well over a year now, and it’s continuing to grow every month! This is certainly a product that I will continue to repurchase!


2. Schwarzkopf Normal Balance Express Repair Leave In Conditioner

I’ve been using this leave in conditioner for ages now! I probably should test the waters out and see what else is on offer, but I honestly love how this makes my hair feel! I even use it on my daughters hair as well. It smells amazing and has a mild de-tangling effect (if you have fine hair). A constant repurchase!



Product Empties | May Edition

3.The Divine Woman Illuminating Day Cream

This is a sample size of the product and by gosh did it last forever! It just seemed to be never ending! Which was great, definitely not something I minded. The cream was smooth and light, It didn’t cause irritation to my skin and gave it a wonderful glow. Towards the end of the tub I was combining it with my favourite treatment serum and used it as my morning routine. It turned out to be incredible effective! As much as I enjoyed this product, I’m not sure I’m going to repurchase. I’ve got so many creams to use up at the moment that I don’t have space for it right now.


4. The Divine Woman Hydrating Cream Cleanser

Likewise with the previous product, I also found that this lasted forever! It was really light and worked well as either a first or second cleanser. However, likewise with the cream I have more cleansers than I know what to do with. Unfortunately I didn’t find myself reaching for this out of habit, more to just use it up. That’s not saying that it’s not a great cleanser, there’s just no space for it in my routine. I won’t be repurchasing.


These items came in a travel set, alongside another cleanser and a toner. The cleanser I’m still using, but unfortunately I had to give the toner away. It came in a spray bottle, which I found really hard to use and I didn’t really feel like it did anything for my skin. I do happen to have a voucher for these guys so I’ll definitely be making a purchase from them to try something that I think I’d like for my skin.


5. Formula 10.0.6  Blackhead Banishing Pore Strips

I only used these once and it was more than enough for my skin. The strips I found to not only be incredibly drying but also incredibly damaging! Parts of my nose seemed raw afterwards and other parts I struggled to get the strip off my skin. Definitely won’t be repurchasing.


Body products

Product Empties | May Edition

6. Lili + J Dead Sea Salt & Coffee Scrub

For those on my Instagram you’ll know that unfortunately for me this product didn’t agree with my skin. So I won’t be repurchasing. However I have tried some of the brands soaps and have literally fallen in love! You can find my review of them here, but they are something that I’ll definitely repurchase once I’ve finished with the current ones.


7. Eir NYC Active Body Wash

This is a natural herbal smelling body wash, which I found to be a bit too strong for my taste. The wash itself is designed to stimulate and be antibacterial for post workout skin. It was certainly antibacterial and left me feeling fresher and cleaner after use. For my own personal likening I didn’t like the strong herbal scent that this product left on my skin. Won’t be repurchasing.



Product Empties | May Edition

8. Essential Apothecary Bright Toothpaste

I’ll start by saying that I’ve already repurchased this item at least 5 times by now. That should give you some understanding of just how much I love this product. Not to mention that  it’s natural and the best toothpaste I’ve ever used! My teeth end up feeling clean for an entire day! It’s majorly improved the health of my gums and the whiteness of my teeth. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express how much I recommend this product!


9. Vida Glow Beauty Blend Manaka Honey

Having tried out a sample from this brand before I was really curious about them, not to mention just plain curious about beauty supplements. So I purchases a full sized product of the beauty powder, although I only used it for the month. The powder is essentially a lot of super foods meant to strengthen hair, nails and improve skin. At the time of using it, I didn’t exactly notice any difference. My hair and nails had already been growing at a rapid pace. It wasn’t until I stopped using it, that I noticed my nails began to break a lot easier than before! I’ve decided to repurchase this to test the waters and see whether it was this that made the difference!

Product Empties | May Edition

Wow, somehow that seemed to be a lot longer than I originally planned for it to be! Hope you enjoyed reading about what I’ve used up this month and what you might see me talking about in future months!


Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products before and what you thought of them! Also if you have any recommendations for other beauty supplement to test out, I’m very keen to explore!


Until next time!

((Disclaimer: Although I was provided these products for review and testing purposes, all the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. My experiences were not influenced or swayed by the brand. Nor did I profit or benefit in any way from having shared my thoughts on the products. The links have been provided to these products for your convenience. I do not profit in any way from having them there.))

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