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Mask. Sleep. Repeat. 

Recently society has taken a strong turn towards the healthy and natural not only in food, but in all aspects of life. People are constantly searching for the latest organic, natural and/or vegan product to use in their daily life.

 Mask with a difference | Mortar & Pestle Botanicals

And you know what? I don’t blame them! The world of organic beauty and skincare is something still very foreign to me. It was actually thanks to a subscription box I’m a member of that introduced me to the notion of natural beauty. Let’s just say that since then I’ve become very interested and open minded towards natural products. I’ve slowly found myself using more and more brands that are natural.

Admittedly I’m not 100% green. But I do have a number of products that are staples in my routine, such as my toothpaste which is completely natural. Since switching to a natural toothpaste I haven’t been able to go back to commercial brands! It just produces amazing results, both my teeth and gums look so much healthier since I made the switch. Bright by Essential Apothecary is the brand I have been using for several months now. For my Australian readers it can be purchased through Maslow and Co.

 Mask with a difference | Mortar & Pestle Botanicals

About Mortar & Pestle Botanicals 

The brand that I’m going to be talking about today is one that’s yet to hit the Australian markets, it’s due to launch in a few weeks. Mortar & Pestle Botanicals is a newly founded natural skincare range based in Perth, Western Australia that is chemical, cruelty free and free from anything you don’t want on your skin. An interesting fact about this range is they are all anhydrous! Now, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this term before, up until discovering this brand I hadn’t either! It literally means “with all water removed,” so there is nothing in the product except for the ingredients in their purest form.


I had the lovely pleasure of meeting the face behind the brand after discovering we live quite close to each other! It really was a wonderful experience being able to met up with a brand owner. Being able to talk to Lizzie about the products and why she got into skincare, made it a lot more heartfelt and personal. You could really tell that she was doing this for the right reasons. That she wants to help those who have struggled with their skin like she has.


The range currently consists of a variety of face masks and an exfoliator; trust me the brand is well able to hold its own on those items alone! I really did toy with the idea of giving each product its own post. Because spoiler alert! There is so much love for this range that I could honestly talk about them all day long, and then some more!


Green Tea Exfoliating Grains

Mask with a difference | Mortar & Pestle Botanicals 

Before now I had never tried a dry powder exfoliator! So I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The first time I tried it, I completely forgot to read the label on how to use it and just jumped straight in! So with a fairly damp face I just started rubbing the dry powder onto my face. Shush, don’t judge me! Haha. It didn’t seem to make a difference to the effects of the product but I felt like I used more product than when I do it the right way.


The right way to use it, is to slowly add water to the dry powder until it becomes a paste! This method worked much better than the previous attempt I made! (I wonder why!) I’ve got a small little glass bowl that I’ve started to use for masking and what not, so I know use it for this exfoliating grain. The lovely little brush I got comes in so handy for mixing! Rather than using the bristles end, I mix it with the handle and then apply with my fingers. I’m not going to lie, it’s an interesting texture and experience! Once the water had been added into the mix the beautiful herbal scent amplified! In the best way possible of course, I ended up leaving it on my face for a bit just because of the smell.


Once I washed the paste off, the results were definitely shocking! So for many of us, when you start thinking about exfoliators you think, painful, maybe rough, irritating, soft skin, but also dry skin that might sting when you put your toner on afterwards. Or maybe that’s just me? Either way, I love exfoliating, but I’ve come to expect certain things from them. When I was rubbing the paste on my skin I could feel the grains doing their thing, needless to say I was preparing for the worst.


All of my fears and worries were completely unnecessary! I washed the paste off and oh my goodness! My face was so soft, like super-duper baby’s bum soft. Here comes the kicker…my skin felt hydrated! Yes. You read correctly. My skin felt hydrated. It was so strange! After exfoliation the skin around my nose is normally very dry. My skin felt incredibly smooth and refreshed! Pretty sure that I died and went to some magical skin product heaven by this stage.


I just realised that I completely forgot to actually tell you about the product! The powder itself boasts ingredients such as coconut and green tea. Both of these ingredients are great for giving the skin an antioxidant boost along with making the skins elastin and collagen structure look better. Which would explain why my skin felt so incredible after using it!


Golden Rose Face Mask

Mask with a difference | Mortar & Pestle Botanicals 

I tried this mask first, I couldn’t help it, once I cracked open the smell was just intoxicating! You know when you get something that smells so good, all you do is continue to smell it for an unhealthy amount of time? That was me with this. Except, every time I enter the bathroom I take it out just to smell it. Should Mortar and Pestle ever branch out into scents, this should be the first one to launch and I’ll happily be the first customer!


Anyway the Golden Rose mask includes 4 ingredients, that’s right only 4 ingredients! Sandalwood, turmeric, rose petal and coconut milk are the four. Designed to be anti-inflammatory, nourishing and purifying. This is actually my favourite mask! Not only because of the smell, but there’s something about it that just leaves me feeling so relaxed.


You only need about a teaspoon of the powder to make the mask. After having a look on the sites blog I learnt of a few different ways to mix masks that I would never have thought of. I would really recommend checking it out before you make up your next dry mask! I’ll leave the link to it here. At the time I decided to do my first mask, I only had water, milk and rose water in the house. Because I’d never used milk as a mask base before I decided to test it out! Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be changing my mask base anytime soon. The milk base is so gentle and refreshing!


After I washed the mask off, with a very, very dark wash cloth that I didn’t mind being stained (remember the turmeric!) My face was instantly whiter and less red! Not only that, but it also felt incredibly soft and hydrated! It was one of those times were I literally couldn’t stop rubbing my face because of how soft and refreshed it felt.


Spiced Cacao Face Mask

 Mask With A Difference | Mortar & Pestle Botanicals

This mask was another one that I couldn’t help but love the smell of it! The cacao combined with all the other ingredients almost has the basis for an incredible tasting cake! I’ll admit that I happily grabbed the milk to use for as my base for this one! Can you blame me? It was literally like having a chocolate cake on your face, and it smelt like it too!


I did notice that this mask felt a lot tighter than the Golden Rose, which is to be expected. This mask absorbs all the impurities and oil from your skin to boost its appearance. Now, my skin has quite an oily t-zone so when I use products that work like this one it’s always my t-zone that suffers. I say suffer, rather than benefits because it always ends up over dry, shiny or feeling itchy.


So as this mask got tighter, I was fully prepared for any of the previously mentioned consequences to take place. Let’s just say I was more than surprised when my skin displayed none of these. My whole t-zone felt like it had shrunk several dress sizes, while the rest of my face felt smooth and soft. It could have been pure fluke or a stroke of genius, either way I was very impressed that the mask targeted a specific problem area. Even better that it did so without leaving my skin insanely dry! There was a small shine on my nose and chin, but it didn’t have that dehydrated squeaky feeling.

Mask with a difference | Mortar & Pestle Botanicals 

These products are really fill the gap in the current skincare market! I have oily/combination skin and in case you couldn’t tell, I absolutely loved these products! For those who have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions I could see these products working brilliantly for you! I would definitely recommend trying these, you really won’t be disappointed!


Until next time!

((Disclaimer: Although I was provided these products for review and testing purposes, all the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. The brand has not swayed or influenced my opinions. Nor did I profit or benefit in any way from having shared my thoughts on the products.))


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