Makeup Saviour and Pores begone?

Makeup saviour, really? I know. Big words to start a post off with, but I promise that they are not an understatement.

Makeup Saviour and Pores Begone?

I’m sure something we can all relate too, is seeing a product and telling yourself “I’m going to have it.” That was exactly how I felt when I first stumbled onto this wonderful looking and sounding product by J. One. The J. One Jelly Pack is a multi-purpose Korean product, that has started taking over the beauty world by storm. It has gained a reputation for being the holy grail of primers, not to mention it’s skills as a night mask. One of the best features of the Jelly Pack, is it’s suitability to all skin types!

Now down to the big question, what does it actually do? Well the J. One Jelly Pack promises to smooth pores, improve skin elasticity along with dramatic firming. As a primer I had heard some fantastic reviews, of how the skin would be left amazingly smooth. Given two of the ingredients include hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which are favourites of mine, I had incredibly high expectations! Especially given I have oily/normal skin and of course the oily part happens to be my t-zone. So I was excited to see what the Jelly Pack would do as a primer and keeping my makeup on my nose!

Makeup Saviour and Pores Begone?
These expectations temporarily suffered a minor setback the first time I used it. As a sucker for night mask I added the Jelly Pack to the end of my nightly skincare routine, it claims to offer dramatic firming so I thought I would try it. I applied it directly to dry skin and it was sticky! It literally felt like I was dragging a glue stick across my skin. Two things we never want to happen on our skin! I had seen in some reviews that the product was sticky, but I wasn’t expecting it to feel like I had just put jam or honey on my face.

Makeup Saviour and Pores Begone?
There was no way I was letting a little white tube intimidate me. It was then that I remembered a tip I was given on using the gel was lucky enough to be given a tip on how to use it. Pat. Then pat again. And pat some more! If you’ve ever used an essence before, it’s the same method, the skin absorbs it best by being patted into the skin. I had my doubts that this clear glue was doing to magically change as I patted it. Would it surprise you to know that patting changed everything! The gel like liquid all but melted into my skin and within seconds it was dry, smooth and definitely not sticky! The next morning my skin was definitely noticeable firmer and smoother.

It’s effects as a night mask definitely impressed me, but the big test was still yet to come. How did it hold up as a primer? After my first experience I began to do some more reading and played around with a couple of different application techniques! Applying the product to damp skin, was another tip that I was told which sounds strange. Either way, I took the advice and applied it to damp skin. Let’s just say that the difference was massive! The gel literally glided across my skin like butter! It was actually quite amazing. I still did some patting afterwards, to ensure there was no stickiness.

Makeup Saviour and Pores Begone?
When it came to applying my makeup, my foundation has never gone on to my face so smoothly before! It was like putting paint onto glass, it was just effortless. After I had finished applying the rest of my face the results were beyond impressive. For anyone who has ever had their makeup airbrushed, that’s what my makeup now felt like. I couldn’t stop touching my face, because it didn’t feel like anything was there! My face was definitely Chok Chok as they say in Korea. My makeup hadn’t moved an inch when I got home 12 hours later! Most importantly my nose was still as dry and smooth as it was when I applied my makeup that morning.

Without a doubt this product has changed my life! I reach for it every morning now before I put on my makeup or even my BB cream. From someone who has always struggled to keep my makeup on my t-zone throughout the day, this is my saviour! Applying it to damp skin and gently tapping is the best form of application for me. When I use it as a night mask, I’ve started applying it after my serum so my skin is slightly damp.

Makeup Saviour and Pores Begone?
The damp skin, I’ve found lets the Jelly pack go onto the skin easier, and it requires a lot less patting than if you apply it to dry skin. I have to say, this product took me by surprise and was a little outside of my comfort zone which is saying something! Spending the time working out the best way to apply it worth it, it is without a doubt a 5 star product!

Have you tried the J. One Jelly Pack before> What did you think?

Until next time!

((Disclaimer: Although I was provided these products for review and testing purposes, all the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. My experiences were not influenced or swayed by the brand. Nor did I profit or benefit in any way from having shared my thoughts on the products.))

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