The Little Book of Masking – Sugar Baby Mask Set

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You know when you walk into a shop and you see something that catches your eye? Then time and time again you walk into that same store and stare at that exact same something? That’s me almost every time I walk into Myers, even more so since they have been introducing new product lines. Some of those lines are ones I have been ogling for longer than is probably sane if I’m being perfectly honest.
The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set


One of these new lines is an extension of their current range of Sugarbaby products. Which I might add, I’ve tried none of until now.

For my international readers, let me quickly give a little background to the company. Sugarbaby is an Australian brand that was first founded in 1998. Their aim is to create premium products that not only look good, but make their customers feel good. I can certainly attest to their products looking good! I have an unbelievable need test out their scrubs and make up range, if only to stare at them! They don’t test on animals and they use organic coconut water/oil in their products.


One of the products I had been eyeing off for quite a while was their sheet masks!  When I saw this product pop up in Myer’s I couldn’t say no! I like to call this product the “little book of masking”. Otherwise known as the Skin Rejuvenation Kit – Let’s Face It.  It was great, for an affordable $20 I was able to try all 6 sheet masks at once. Which is an amazingly good price for sheet masks in Australia.

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

Here’s a short and sweet run down of all the masks included in the pack. There was no particular reason to the order I used them in, I simply started at the beginning of the book. As much as they all have these wonderfully sounding smelling ingredients, the masks are all fragrance free. The reviews will likely get shorter as you get to the end, as the masks all displayed a few similar traits that I didn’t want to mention every time.     


Are you a firm believer? – Anti-Aging Defense Mask

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

There was lots of essence on the mask, it wasn’t liquidly at all but rather a gel consistency. The mask was a bit difficult to put on, it almost seemed to be stuck together. And there just seemed to be a lot of material! Either that or I just have a small face. But the forehead fit perfect and definitely kept the mask firmly on my face. It did have eye flaps which was good!


The instructions recommend to leave the mask on for 15 minutes. I left mine for longer, around 25-30 minutes, and the mask was still damp with essence. As it was drying I could feel the mask shrinking, particularly around the lower half of the mask. When I took the mask off it peeled off easily, with minimal essence left on the skin that I just patted dry. Substance isn’t sticky and soaked into my skin very nicely My skin definitely felt fresher, smoother and tighter almost instantly! This one definitely impressed me in terms of doing what it claims.


Never confuse the moment – Pigment & Complexion Enhancer Mask

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

By now I’ve officially decided that I just have a small face! It does make the mask a little bit tricky to put on, as I have to layer material on top of itself. However once they are on they are really on! This one didn’t move an inch after I got it into place. Much like the previous mask this one was still quite damp 25-30 minutes after application. It also hasn’t shrunk like the other one.


Now that I’ve tried this one I can really notice the difference between yesterday’s mask. The firming mask definitely firmed! Essence is the tiniest bit sticky. Oddly enough after using this one my cheeks which is a huge pigmentation issue for me, flared up. But after 5-10 minutes the redness had completely disappeared. Leaving my skin more balanced, clearer and brighter. I do think that if used on a weekly basis, it would completely balance your complexion!


Peeling Great – Skin Renewal Mask

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

By now I’ve noticed a trend in the masks, mainly because I kept forgetting that I had it on! They can easily be left on for a half an hour and still be damp. I tend to rub the mask over my neck once I’ve finished with it on my face, to try and use up some more.


Unlike the other two, this one moved around a lot! It didn’t seem to have as much stick to it as the others. Parts of my skin almost seemed to heat up while this mask was on, I’m guessing it’s from the AHAs. It wasn’t anything too severe and it settled down reasonably quickly. The essence I found to be a little bit sticky till it completely dried in. However once I took the mask off my skin felt smooth and clean to the touch! Although I’m not entirely convinced it did anything else, such as unclogging my pores.


Express Glow – Brightening Infusion Mask

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

This was another mask that literally glued to my face once I put it on. It did shrink a little like the first one, after it had been on for about 15 minutes. There was lots of essence with this one, which I ended up using as a toner in later steps. After 30 minutes the mask was still wet. I did notice that the essence was a lot stickier with this one than others. Oddly enough my skin felt firmer after this one, which was strange given it was meant to brighten and enhance.


Let’s Be Clear – Detoxifying & Clarifying Mask

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

As much as they say the masks are fragrance free, I was definitely able to get some form of scent from this one. Which was probably more from the combination of ingredients than the presence of an actual scent. The essence in this one was little bit more watery in texture compared to the rest. It also took a little while longer for my skin to absorb completely, as there was quite a lot left on my face once I took it mask off. My skin instantly felt fresher and lighter! Which is probably due to the peppermint oil used. I’ve discovered after testing the Snow Fox skincare range that I actually love the feeling of a mask with peppermint! 


Good-Bye To Dry – Deep Moisture Boost Mask

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

The essence in this one was more cream like, a lot thicker. The mask felt rather slippy on and didn’t feel like it was sticking at all compared to the others. It did feel very cool on the skin and was actually really soothing and relaxing. Even after 20 minutes, with me under a blanket to keep warm! The mask still felt cool on my face. There was lots of essence left on my face and after I patted it down it was rather sticky. However my Skin felt amazing and really fresh! It also looked visibly refreshed and plump. I have say out of all the masks, this is one that certainly impressed me the most. I’m a sucker for my eyes and it made my eyes dramatically less puffy and dead. 

The Little Book of Masking Sugar Baby Mask Set

Overall I really enjoyed this little collection of masks! There was a few that I really liked the effect they had on my skin. I was surprised that some of them didn’t do what I was expecting them to do, but it still wasn’t a horrible experience. I would definitely repurchase as it’s much cheaper to get the masks I really like in the set of 6 then by themselves!


Let me know if you’ve tried any of these masks yourself and what you thought of them!



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