KNOWN EFFECTS – Australia’s Ethical Marketplace

KNOWN EFFECTS – The new Australian ethical marketplace you need to know about.

 KNOWN EFFECTS - Australia's Ethical Marketplace

But before we get into the new and exciting topic, that I’m only dying the tell you about! Welcome back to Rummaged Musings! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but life kicked my ass pretty hard for a while. With a full-time Master’s degree, full-time parenting and part-time work, I’m sure you can imagine. But for my first post in a while, I decided to write about something that I felt was important. Not only to myself, but to you guys, my readers and followers!


Okay, now to get back on track! Just a quick side note before I begin widely discussing my newest favorite discovery. When it comes to my lifestyle I am not 100% green and it’s important for me to let you know. However, that doesn’t change a single word of what I’ve written or how I feel about this concept. To me, every little bit counts and I actively support brands that are green, vegan, natural, handmade, or sustainable. One of my last blog posts before my break was actually about an amazing company that is incredibly proactive, Zero Waste Beauty.

 KNOWN EFFECTS - Australia's Ethical Marketplace

KNOWN EFFECTS is a marketplace that is still fairly new, only launching at the end of July this year. By now I’m sure you are all asking, what exactly is KNOWN EFFECTS and why should we care? I know, I’ve mentioned it a few times without managing to explain what it is. Well to begin with they are an online market place. The website and concept has a vaguely similar feel to the international platform, Etsy. For those who aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s an online market site that allows for businesses/brands both small and large to sell their products and services. It’s a really effective way for small businesses and retailers to offer their services in Australia and at an International level.


The big question, is how does the KNOWN EFFECT differ from any other online market place? Well as I mentioned in the beginning, it’s an ethical market place. Meaning all the brands that advertise their products are all environmentally friendly, with ethical production and sustainability. Still some of you might wonder why this is important or significant. You know when you find a brand and wonder if it’s green, organic, vegan or environmentally friendly. Well now you won’t have to wonder anymore, with KNOWN EFFECTS you can shop with 100% confidence that everything you see ticks all the boxes.

 KNOWN EFFECTS - Australia's Ethical Marketplace

Any business is able to align itself with KNOWN EFFECTS providing they meet certain requirements. One such requirement is their ZERO plastic policy. The strict application process for businesses allows buyers to have confidence in what they are buying. No more second guessing, or wondering or having to google endlessly to discover the brands production policy. Now for those thinking that KNOWN EFFECTS is just another beauty market place, they also offer everything from fashion, jewellery, paint, bags and more!


It also allows like-minded brands to connect with their target audience a lot easier. They have introduced a sense of community and fellowship among brands and creators, rather than competitors, through a Facebook page for questions, tips, advice, posting DIY videos. Personally, even though I’m not a brand I love this concept! It was a bit of an uphill battle getting set up as a blogger. It involved a lot of reading, a lot of winging it and a stack of blind luck. There was no manual and to be frank…it’s downright intimidating asking an established blogger, “how did you get set up?” Or “how did you start working with brands?”

KNOWN EFFECTS - Australia's Ethical Marketplace
The same goes for small business owners, there is no manual on how to do and it can often be so daunting and isolating. It is really warming to know that this market place also cares about the brands that are members and want to create a helpful environment. Their Brands first process means that ‘they’ (KNOWN EFFECTS) regularly check in with the brands, to offer help if they can, advice and even some email brain storming.


The person behind this new approach to shopping is Ainsley Schumacher from Byron Bay, NSW. She became motivated to create KNOWN EFFECTS after travelling the world in her early adulthood. During this time, she was exposed to horrendous working conditions, manufacturing companies and child labor. Being placed in a position to witness this first hand, instilled a desire and a need to make a difference and change. Which is how, after a lot of hard work on her behalf, KNOWN EFFECTS was born!


To me, the KNOWN EFFECTS bridges a gap in the Australian market. Although we have online websites which offer natural, organic, vegan products. There seems to be a lack of awareness for how the brand gets that product to you, is the process of manufacturing sustainable? Do they recycle any material or have a any form of reduce, reuse and recycle process in place? Does any of the profits go towards a charity donation? Brands that give back or try and reduce their impact on the world always stick out to me and impresses me.

KNOWN EFFECTS - Australia's Ethical Marketplace 

What she has done, honestly just blows me away! Up until a few weeks ago I had never even heard of KNOWN EFFECTS, and now I can’t stop gushing about. There are just so many aspects of what it is and stands for that I absolutely adore! I don’t think it’s possible for me to put all I want to say in a blog post, because a lot of it would be endless gushing and admiration. It wouldn’t be coherent English at all!


Have you heard of the KNOWN EFFECTS? Let me know if you check them out and what you think of them!


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