About Me

Trust me, I have no idea what I’m doing.


I used to think that because a person wrote a blog, it meant they must know what they are doing!

Oh how wrong was I. Or maybe they do and I’m just a huge fish out of water trying to wade my way around the blogging world. The one thing I can say, is that even getting to this stage, of having a website has been one hell of an experience.

I’m Michelle, I’m currently 25 and a solo parent to a beautiful little girl. Earlier this year I made the decision to try blogging for a year, I’ve always had the urge to start up one but never did. This year, for me, I was determined to do things I had always wanted to try. One of those was starting a blog…so here I am! I started of doing small “blog” type posts on Instagram and discovered an obsession with skincare! That obsession eventually expanded into all things beauty.

I also have a tendency to want to write about certain lifestyle areas, such as books, my favourite type of tea and the odd parenting post. Just to let to all know in advance!

Thank you for following me on my blogging journey!

Michelle xo